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Value-Added Services

DelStar offers a wide range of value-added capabilities designed to meet customers' needs and make their jobs easier.

  • Custom slitting
  • Custom slabbing
  • Custom sheeting
  • Custom spooling
  • Custom packaging
  • Custom printing
  • Sample production
  • Pyrogen testing
  • Certificates of product conformance and analysis
Raw Material Quality

DelStar ensures that all raw materials meet the highest possible quality standards. As necessary to meet client specifications, our raw materials can be FDA graded, USDA approved, and NSF approved. We use a variety of quality sources for materials, rather than rely on just one or two, to ensure that we always have a consistent supply to meet production needs.

Client History Maintenance

DelStar utilizes a very advanced system to maintain all process information for each job ever produced. We catalog and track each customer order with specifications ranging from die design to process notes so that we can repeat exact manufacturing specifications again and again.

Quality Control

Our quality control operators ensure that every process runs smoothly and consistently, and we check and double check every product before it goes out the door to make sure it meets our exacting quality standards. We can conduct pyrogen testing for biological cleanliness as well as analyze and certify products for specific conformance standards.